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Investment in cloud computing: is it worth?

Meta: If you are about to turn into cloud computing storage, you need to know what it can offer to you and what are possible risks facing your business. ———————— Cloud computing has become more and more popular among businesses. These days, businesses of all sizes are using cloud computing …

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Cloud computing model and how it works

Meta: Cloud computing technology model and its practical applications are always important in applying to realize the goals of individuals and businesses throughout the operation. So how can it be used? Key: Cloud computing Over the last few years, cloud computing has revolutionized the computer industry, fundamentally changing the way …

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4 models of Cloud Computing service

Meta: In fact, cloud computing has 4 service models including: Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Community Cloud. Cloud Computing is a service model that allows users to access shared computing resources (servers, applications, storage, networks, services, etc) via network connection easily, anytime, anywhere on request. This computing resource allows …

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Why do businesses should use cloud computing?

Meta: In the current technological context, cloud computing is becoming a great invention for modern life. It brings a lot of benefits for users, especially businesses.  Nowadays, our life becomes more and more convenient because technology is developing and information is transmitted without limitation at any time, from anywhere. One …

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Cloud computing technology and its benefits

Meta: In the current technological context, it is not too strange to hear about putting your data “in the cloud”. So what is cloud computing? And does it have many benefits? Key: Cloud computing For businesses of all types and sizes, running and running cloud-based applications is becoming popular for …

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Cloud computing and everything you need to know

Meta: What do you know about cloud computing? Is it reliable or effective for your business? Should we use this service? Let’s learn more about it in this article. Keyword: Cloud computing ———————————————– Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services over the Internet. The resources can be applications, tools, …

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