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Investment in cloud computing: is it worth?

Meta: If you are about to turn into cloud computing storage, you need to know what it can offer to you and what are possible risks facing your business.


Cloud computing has become more and more popular among businesses. These days, businesses of all sizes are using cloud computing for their storage of files and documents. Will cloud computing is the right platform for your business? You need to understand the pros and cons it brings.


Many businesses are moving their data to cloud storage.

There are several advantages associated with using cloud computing for your business’s file storage, including:


One of the most noticeable pros of using cloud computing is related to accessibility. Files and documents saved on cloud computing could be accessed from any location and with any device, as long as you have access to the internet. This makes cloud storage more preferred than hardware storage, especially in the circumstance that you forget an important document at home.

Money savings

If your business size is small or medium, using cloud storage does not cost your business much. Instead of investing in computer hardware, your switch into cloud storage will reduce the annual operating costs. Besides, cloud computing does not require strong internal computer security to store documents, thus, leaving costs related to internal computer system out of business.

Disaster recovery

When you run a business, many risks are facing, requiring you to have a backup plan to prevent the loss of information and documents due to disaster. Cloud computing can work as a perfect emergency backup. It creates a second copy of important documents and stores it in a remote location. Then, you can access them through an internet connection.


When using cloud computing services, you only pay for the amount you used. When the demand to store more arises, cloud computing providers will accommodate the cloud storage package to suit your need. In case your business’s demand to store files reduce, you can work with the operator to reduce the costs.


When selecting a cloud computing provider, for a speedy storing process, you need to get a reputable cloud operator. According to several tests, cloud storing provided by a good operator can help you achieve higher storing speed than the speed when you store files onto hardware disk.

Storage immortality

When using conventional hardware to store your files and documents, you must pay the costs of buying and maintaining the hardware. This will add to your annual costs. Using cloud computing services, you pay for the storage capacity that your business needs. The other tasks, including updating, maintaining and securing cloud computing, will be carried out by the cloud computing provider. There is no need to pay the cost for tech improvement because it will be done by your cloud computing providers to better compete in the market.


Are there any disadvantages you should know before using cloud computing services? Yes, they are. Take them into consideration so to choose a good cloud computing provider.

Security and privacy

Cloud storage is not completely secured. Source: Page Design Shop

Before storing your business’s valuable, important and sensitive information on the cloud storage, you should know that it means you are giving your business data to a third party. This possibly leaves your company at risks of leaking data. Thus, you have to choose a reliable cloud computing provider to keep your company’s information secured.

Bandwidth limit

Before selecting a cloud computing operator, you should check whether there is bandwidth limitation. The reason is that if your business surpasses the limit set, extra fee is required and sometimes, it is money-consuming. There are some providers offering their cloud computing services without bandwidth limitation. It should be criteria to choose the right operator.

Vulnerability to attacks

When storing your business’s data on the cloud, there is always a risk of external hack attacks. The internet is not always secure and the cloud computing provider’s system is, too. Therefore, there is a possibility that your sensitive business data is stolen.

Data management

Another disadvantage comes with data management. All cloud computing providers have their own structure and their storage management system may not integrate well with your business’s. This makes managing data on the cloud struggling.

We cannot deny the pros of using cloud computing services to any business. However, the risks associating with cloud storage are real that many businesses are afraid of using them. Do you think its benefits outweigh its drawback? We are in the tech era when we move nearly everything to the internet. Cloud computing, though some drawbacks exist, is worth your business’s investment for the company’s infrastructure and budget.



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