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Cloud computing model and how it works

Meta: Cloud computing technology model and its practical applications are always important in applying to realize the goals of individuals and businesses throughout the operation. So how can it be used?

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Over the last few years, cloud computing has revolutionized the computer industry, fundamentally changing the way resources are used, operating structures, and storage, distribution and information processing. Most of us have been using one or more cloud computing application services in daily life as well as in business management. Join me to learn cloud computing models and how it works offline!

Types of cloud computing models

Have 4 types of Cloud Computing models/Ph.ReseachGate

Public Cloud

Public cloud is the service provided by 3rd party (seller). They exist outside the company’s firewall and are managed by the cloud provider. It is built for public use, users will register with the provider and pay a fee based on the provider’s pricing policy.

The Public Cloud is the most commonly used deployment model of cloud computing. Public Cloud services are more users, not limited by space and time.  Saving server system, electricity and labor for businesses.

However, the Public Cloud has a problem, that is the problem of losing control of data and data security. In this model all data is on the Cloud service, protected and managed by that Cloud service provider. This makes customers, especially large companies, feel insecure about their important data when using Cloud services.

Private Cloud

Private cloud is cloud computing services provided in businesses. These “clouds” exist within corporate firewalls and are directly managed by businesses. This is an inevitable trend for businesses to optimize information technology infrastructure.

Private Cloud is easy to use, upgrade, manage, reduce costs, have good security, etc. But there will be difficulties in technology when deployed and the cost of building and maintaining the system. Private Cloud restricts internal use within the enterprise, so outside users cannot use it.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud is a combination of a private cloud and a public cloud. It allows us to exploit the strengths of each model as well as offer optimal usage methods for users. These “clouds” are usually created by the enterprise and the management will be split between the enterprise and the public cloud provider.

Hybrid Cloud can help businesses use many services at the same time without limitation.

Community Cloud

Community Cloud is a public service based on Cloud computing platform built by companies that work together and provide services to the community.

Enterprises can choose to deploy applications on Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud depending on specific needs. Each model has its strengths and weaknesses. Businesses must consider the Cloud Computing models they choose. And they can use many models to solve different problems.

How cloud computing works

Most of the cloud infrastructure is now a combination of reliable services delivered through data centers built on servers with different levels of virtualization technology. These services can be accessed from anywhere in the world, where the Cloud is a single access point for all computers in need of customers.

Cloud computing has many advantages/Ph.VietnamBiz

In the cloud computing model, all possibilities related to information technology are provided as “services”, allowing users to access technology services from a certain provider “in the cloud” without the knowledge and experience of that technology, and without the need to care about the infrastructure that serves the technology.

In cloud computing systems, the workload is significantly changed. Your business computer no longer has to do all the hard work like running heavy applications and programs. Instead, the network of computers that make up the clouds takes care of them, saving you a lot of money on hardware and software. 

The only thing a user’s computer needs to be able to run the software is the interface so that it can use the cloud, which can be simply a Web browser, and the cloud network will take on the rest.

Most of us are already using cloud computing but not everyone understands it.  Web-based e-mail services such as Hotmail, Yahoo!  Mail or Gmail are the most popular applications of cloud computing technology. Instead of running an e-mail program on your computer, you log into an e-mail account via remote internet. The software and storage for your account does not exist on your computer – it is on the service’s cloud computing.

Cloud computing has many advantages that you should use it for work or for storing information. Choosing which cloud computing model is suitable is very important. Hopefully the above sharing will help you.


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