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The best cloud computing storage services you should know

Meta: Cloud services are a turning point marking the development of world technology. Cloud computing is being preferred by everyone. What cloud storage service providers are there?

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Cloud computing is and will change the meaning and application of IT resources for businesses. There are quite a few cloud storage options available today. They offer users a limited free storage space. These cloud storage units are easy to use and provide free storage space up to 50GB. These storage solutions can be used for personal or business storage.

Some providers of cloud storage services

Google Drive

All online cloud storage works in the same way: using a file, hosting it on the web, and syncing it on our computers.

Google Drive helps users to view all files and photos

But there are many outstanding features of Google Drive that make it special among all the other free cloud computing storage, that is, it allows users to store their personal content in their own way  user. Google’s free cloud computing provides great free storage of 15 GB and is one of the best cloud storage.

Free cloud computing storage Google Drive helps users to view all files and photos stored online anytime, anywhere, just with a network connection. Google’s free cloud storage is considered to be the best integrated with all other Google services.

Media Fire

Media Fire is easy to use and is one of the best free cloud archives used to store documents and photos online.

The initial free storage capacity provided by Media Fire is 10 GB but their amazing feature is that the free storage can be increased to 50 GB. This free cloud storage suite has many features that make file handling easier. Media fire has been able to upload multiple files at the same time from any browser, organizing files in Media Fire’s file manager has become easier.


Sync.com is also one of the other best free cloud computing hosting available. Sync.com offers free storage space of about 5 GB, backing up files is quite easy. The best feature of Sync.com is to recover deleted files.

 Sync.com offers free storage space of about 5 GB

Sync Vault is a feature that helps users save files and documents in a special storage space called Vault other than the Sync folder, we just need to select a file and select the option Copy to Vault and data  Your important backups.


Mega cloud computing storage is a great storage space similar to dropbox storage, but the difference between these two types is the capacity that both cloud computing storage provides. There is 50 GB of free space for users of Mega cloud storage. Mega cloud computing storage helps users download multiple files in zip files and upload files via mobile apps is also possible.


This is one of the most powerful and latest free cloud computing storage repositories compared to all other cloud storage archives because of its excellent backup features.

Dropbox is used to save powerpoint presentations, photos, videos or even large CAD files… extremely safe.

Dropbox provides users with easy synchronization features to access files and documents into Dropbox from any device.

Dropbox cloud computing storage provides users with many extremely useful features. One of those features is that users can protect all files and documents in the device from being lost by deleting documents from the device using the remote wipe feature.

Dropbox cloud storage provides users with many extremely useful features

Free storage Dropbox provides good storage (2GB) for free but in case users need more storage, there are many packages with storage capacity they can choose.


Apple iCloud is the best free cloud computing storage suite for Apple users. Initially iCloud offers users 5GB of free storage, all documents and files can be stored securely and it’s very easy to use.

Apple iCloud users can share photos and videos easily with their family members. Organizing files and folders has become easy with Apple iCloud. Apple iCloud helps send messages and automatically and save them. Even users can start a conversation from the exact point they stopped before.

The above are the best cloud computing storage services that I have introduced to you. To use it, we have to understand the features that each form of cloud storage crates. Some of the cloud computing storage stores on the market not only provide the best user experience, incredible features, but also help users enjoy free services after signing up. Sign up now to get the best of cloud computing.



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