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Difference between Internet and Cloud Computing

Meta: Do you know what cloud computing is and how it is different from the Internet? Let find out in the following article

The internet is a global network. It includes billions of connected computers worldwide. It offers many resources and services like the World Wide Web and email. For example, the World Wide Web gives users access to trillions of linked documents. More recently, the focus has been shifted to providing all the resources (often locally available) via the Internet. Cloud Computing is a direct result of this initiative, providing many resources such as software, platforms, and infrastructure as services.

What is Cloud Computing?

There is no denying that cloud computing is a very developing technology in distributing many kinds of resources such as services, mainly via the Internet. They are provided by service providers, while users are called subscribers. Subscribers pay a subscription fee usually on a per-user basis. Cloud computing is divided into different categories based on the type of service provided. In addition, SaaS (Software as a Service) is a type of cloud computing, in which the main resources available as a service are software applications. On the other hand, PaaS (Platform as a Service) is a type/ application of cloud computing, in which service providers provide a computer platform or stack solution to their subscribers over the Internet. The fact of the matter is that IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) is a type of cloud computing in which the main resources available as a service are hardware infrastructure. DaaS (Desktop as a Service), is aaS new service by providing the entire desktop experience via the Internet. It is possible that this is sometimes called a virtual desktop / virtual desktop or hosted desktop virtualization.

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What is the Internet?

Internet (internetwork) is a global network of connected computers. It connects billions of computers belonging to millions of public, private, government, and academic networks. The Internet uses TCP / IP (Transfer Control Protocol / Internet Protocol) to communicate between connected computers. The core Internet protocols (IPv4 and IPv6) are standardized by IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force). Computers are physically connected through electronics, optics, and wireless.

The hypertext documents that make up the World Wide Web and the necessary infrastructure for email are two of the most widely used resources / services made by the Internet. With the introduction of services such as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and IPTV, many traditional media (such as telephones, newspapers, and television) have been reshaped. Traditional media like newspapers and books are now available on websites, blogs, or feeds. The Internet has made the world smaller through various interactive mechanisms (such as Instant Messaging, forums, chat rooms, and social networks). Moreover, E-business has taken over traditional businesses.

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What is the difference between the Internet and Cloud Computing?

The Internet is a network of networks that provide software / hardware infrastructure to establish and maintain connections across computers across the globe. Meanwhile, Cloud Computing is a new technology that provides many kinds of resources over the Internet. Cloud computing can, therefore, be identified as a technology that uses the Internet as a medium to deliver its services. Cloud services can be provided in businesses via LANs but in reality, cloud computing cannot operate globally without the Internet.

Some disadvantages of cloud computing

Everything has two sides, good and bad. And so is cloud computing:


Do you have enough trust in OneDrive to store all your data on it? Do you trust Gmail to save all your important business-related emails, and leaking an email can cost you your company? Do you trust online accounting software to store all your books on it and make sure the data is not sold to competitors? For individual users, this may not be important, but for businesses it is awful, so many businesses are still very hesitant about using the “cloud” even though they know that this solution helps them save a lot of costs.


No cloud service provider can assure you that their server will run 100% continuously and never have to stop. Big companies like Facebook or Google also cannot guarantee that their services are 100% continuous. In such cases, you can do nothing.

Conclusion about Cloud Computing

Through the above article, hope you have a better understanding of what Internet activities and cloud computing solutions really are. It can be said, cloud computing comprehensively improves the Internet, frees it from the limitations of physical hardware, creates a virtual “cloud” but has real power and extremely powerful.



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